About the Candidate

I have loved my past 4 1/2 years in Vineyard and watching it grow into the beautiful place it has become. My four kids love playing at all of the parks, and my husband loves biking on the trails. I first came to Utah from Arizona for college, graduating from BYU in 2008. Vineyard is the first place in Utah that has really felt like home to me and I look forward to raising my children in this community.

My first foray into community involvement was in college when I took a few political science classes and learned about the election process and the importance of local government. From there I become slowly more active in serving my community and eventually helped Mormon Women for Ethical Government at its creation point. There I improved my ability to cooperate and accomplish incredible things in a nonpartisan environment. More recently I was appointed by Mayor Fullmer to Vineyard’s Planning Commission as an alternate. I LOVE seeing what’s going on and making sure that we are sticking to the general plan for Vineyard. 

As a City Council member I plan to honor our community’s heritage as we look forward to growth, to ensure that our immediate needs as a young population are being met while creating areas of interest for teens and young adults, and making sure our city is interesting and attractive to all who visit. 

I look forward to continued service to this community and helping our city become a place where we always love to live. Not only does Vineyard have a wonderful heritage that I am proud to continue building on, but also rich promise ready to be fulfilled.